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It is very easy to obtain several quotes for an auto insurance, but you can not only base yourself on the price to know which is the best option. Normally, people use insurance comparisons on the Internet because they are very practical. However, each policy has its own details and the differences may be minimal at first glance.

How can you compare auto insurance to get the best coverage? In Good Finance we share five tips .

Get quotes from various insurance companies


To find the best insurance before signing your policy it is advisable to ask for a quote from several insurers (four or five, preferably) and review the details offered by each one. In this aspect, a broker can help you not to search the website of each company.

Investigate the reputation of insurers

You probably do not want to hire a company that offers the lowest price, but refuses to pay compensation to its customers. In this sense, the Condusef is one of the best agencies to compare auto insurance and know the opinion of other people regarding insurers.

Confirm the details of each quote


It is important to review the coverage offered by each company. For example, two insurers have a deductible of $ 10,000 but one offers coverage for civil liability and total theft, while another provides protection for property damage and shocks, which one is better for you? It depends on what you need.

Take a look at the general conditions and exclusions


  • Which risks are covered (collisions, fires, damages, etc.).
  • The limit of liability of the company.
  • Exclusions – situations where the insurer is exempt from payment.
  • How they work in case of an accident.
  • What assistance services do they provide?

Maybe the additional benefits are important to you. To cite a case: some insurances offer tire changes, towing or road assistance when you run out of gas.

Evaluate your personal circumstances


Insurance companies will give you their best quote, but it may not be 100% adapted to your personal circumstances. Talk to your agent or insurance broker about your lifestyle to determine what you need.

Do you have doubts or want to compare car insurance? Solve your doubts with the Good Finance team , we have the support of the best insurers and bondholders in Mexico.