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Compare credit before you decide. Your credit for implants can come from the house bank or a direct bank. Also offered is “special loan for medical purposes”.

This offer is often found in the doctor’s office. Whether for the dental bill or the beauty surgery, we help you find the right loan.

Do not be irritated by advertising or wise advice. Neutral facts should decide which loan fits their expectations.

Credit for implants – private payment of the patient

Credit for implants - private payment of the patient

Free but first-rate medical treatment, patients seek in vain. Everywhere was saved.

The cash register pays only the inevitably medically necessary. In other words, courage to pay the dentist or implants themselves.

If the nose is crooked, the breast too small, then it is just like that. Unless the patient takes credit for implants and pays by himself.

Getting angry about it does not help. Therefore, to refrain from quality of medical care, is also not a good idea. The crown from Asia on the implant may be cheaper.

But does she stop? The dentist will recommend what patients want to hear.

He has to sell. Because, only of cash patients without additional payment, he can not exist financially.

But when the patient is desperate, he often has an ace up his sleeve. If the patient does not dare to knock at the house bank because of a “beauty surgery”, he knows a way out.

Special loan for medical interventions. Almost everything related to health may be financed with this in mind.

It is a loan for implants. Also for the dentist’s bill, the breast or nose surgery until the artificial insemination.

Medical loan presented briefly

The problem that the cash register does not pay and the patient needs credit for the treatment, knows every specialist. Medically possible medical procedures and benefits paid by the health insurance fund are not consistent.

For the family doctor, the bill may even rise below the line. The specialist is at least to pay a personal contribution.

Much does not take over the statutory health insurance. The clever idea was to create a special loan.

The doctor’s office will take over the distribution right away. Special credit is only possible for treatment in affiliated practices. On the Internet is a rate calculator online.

This allows the patient to quickly calculate their credit for implants or other medical purposes themselves. The request is made by the patient himself by mail. A special loan for people with no credit rating is not the offer.

In principle, the special loan is similar to the credit check any installment loan. The big difference is the direct billing with the doctor.

The patient likes to take it. Saved an online transfer.

The main thing the doctor gets his money on time.

Credit comparison – direct bank versus special loan

Credit comparison - direct bank versus special loan

A credit for implants is always a bit higher. Realistic for the cost of treatment, whether dental or beauty surgery, is a loan between 3000 euros and 20,000 euros.

3000 euros would be the starting price for the new nose or the breast surgery. Up to 20000 euros cost the new “dining room” through dental implants.

We will compare 7500 Euro credit for implants with 48 months maturity. The numbers for the special loan supplies the installment calculator of a large German offerer.

Whether dental or beauty surgery does not affect the interest. The read at the term 9.90 percent annual percentage rate. For 7500 Euro net loan with 48 monthly installments the computer shows 191 Euro rate.

For € 7,500 patients pay € 9168 back. The bottom line is that the loan costs 1668 euros.

Now 7500 euros credit for implants of a direct bank. To fairness a medium-priced credit of a direct bank.

The lenders offers financing at a fixed APR of 3.49 per cent. The monthly rate is 167.45 euros.

After 48 months the loan is balanced. In total, the patient pays back € 8037.82.

The bottom line is € 537.32 credit costs.

Conclusion credit comparison – credit for medical expenses

Basically, it does not matter who lends money. It should be comfortable, also low interest. In both core issues, the direct bank loan wins.

In the credit example, the credit for implants costs about one third of the special loan. On top of that, the direct bank loan is even more convenient.

The credit procedure can be carried out purely online. Without running to the post office, copying and submitting all documents, this is only possible with direct credit.

But, in one point, the special loan wins the comparison. The patient saves a referral.

Whether for the triple credit costs are justified, everyone likes to rate themselves.

Credit tip – cheaper credit despite weaker credit rating

Many people who go to the specialist are not well off. A loan may still fit in the budget, but only at a low rate.

The bank does not automatically go ahead. Personal creditworthiness is not always enough for families with children.

A good way out to get low-interest credit is to apply for credit with two people. A solvent guarantor takes over the joint liability.

For the bank, which can only grant secure credit, thus an elegant solution. Common borrowing often rewards them with low interest rates later on.

Self-employed credit – looking good is not a luxury

Self-employed credit - looking good is not a luxury

Straight teeth and a pleasing appearance are mandatory in some occupations. Self-employed with a lot of customer contact basically sell their appearance every day.

As a result, looking good in the business is not a luxury. Nevertheless, medium-sized businesses do not find it easy to get credit for implants.

Many banks exclude self-employed and freelancers on loans. 

For this credit offer also qualifies income despite independence. The exemplified 7500 Euro for implants, 48 ​​months running time, shows the comparison to 7.85 percent APR.

Incidentally, the interest rate paid by 66 percent of customers. The bottom line is a total refund of 8718.01 euros.

In other words, 1218.01 euros in borrowing costs.

Credit – from private to private

A loan for implants does not necessarily have to come from a bank. The loan could also be provided by private lenders.

An application may be made by employees as well as by self-employed persons.

Advantage of the loan without the bank is the chance to get needed credit for implants even if banks refused.